Dog Agility Training Courses

Agility Classes currently run:

  • Tuesday – morning, afternoon and evening classes (evening classes run during summer months only)
  • Wednesday daytime
  • Friday – regular workshops and 1-2-1s

At Pauline Whittaker Dog Training School, Pauline and Kay run agility classes both for fun but also to competition standard. Agility Courses are available daytimes, evenings and weekends for both beginners and experienced agility handlers and their dogs. Pre-agility classes which teach the foundation of agility are available for all beginners dogs from 6 months of age. Both classes, workshops and 1-2-1 sessions are available.

Agility is a fun and stimulating sport for dogs which stretches them physically and mentally, providing new challenges and a fun environment in which to learn. All training is reward based and provides a fun way of gaining a closer working bond with your dog whilst giving them an appropriate outlet for their mental and physical energy. We run agility courses for dogs of all standards and sizes and dogs of any age can have a go.

All dogs are taught on full size equipment and all training is reward based. Courses are held with regular start dates in an open air, all weather ménage in Ockeridge. There are a maximum of six dogs on each course.

Agility Club Members

Here are some comments from Pauline Whittaker’s previous agility club members:

Amanda_ChipChip and I started puppy courses with Pauline when Chip was about 6 months old and right from the outset he loved the courses. Socialising with the other puppies was really valuable and means that interacting with other dogs has never been an issue to Chip!We continued with training courses working our way up through the different levels. However, when Pauline said she was starting Agility groups we just knew they were for Chip!

We have been attending the courses since Pauline started them and without a doubt they are the highlight of Chip’s week!!

Agility is probably the only thing that truly wears Chip out! We can walk him for hours and he will still keep going, but it is the combination of mental and physical stimulation that he really loves. He even enjoys doing his ‘homework’ in between courses and it’s created a wonderful bond between us.

Chip loves seeing his fellow ‘classmates’ every week, some of whom he was in puppy courses with and it’s great that we are all progressing together, building great friendships as we try and tackle Pauline’s ever more complicated courses!! The week just wouldn’t be complete without our Tuesday morning laugh – often at me as I endeavour to keep up with Chip!

Louise_Meg“Agility is great fun, it’s given Meg and I more confidence and it’s a challenge, both physically and mentally to us that we really enjoy.

It gives me some fantastic 1:1 time with her and its also an excellent way of keeping fit and having a laugh with a nice bunch of people!”

Louise_Pixie“Pixie was a rescue dog and was frightened by her own shadow, but since starting the agility course with Pauline, she has become more confident and seems to love the challenge of the different obstacles – she is not particularly fast but rarely makes mistakes and if she does it is normally more my fault! We both find the course tremendous fun and an excellent learning curve – even if you don’t want to enter competitions I would recommend anyone to take up agility with Pauline. We find her method of teaching non aggressive, fun and encouraging. Keep up the good work Pauline!”

Susan_Lacey“Lacey and I have been attending Pauline’s courses since September 2006. Lacey knows we’re off to agility when I put her special biscuits in my pocket that I use just for agility. Lacey’s usually a very placid dog that would sleep all day given the chance, but on Tuesday mornings she’s like a different dog – leaping all the jumps, charging up the A-frame and shooting through the tunnels. It’s great to see her having so much fun.Over the last 10 months, Pauline has successfully taught us all how to steer our dogs round a full agility course, combining all the different pieces of equipment, each one needing a different command; also teaching the dogs to turn to the right or left and to stop on command, when needed.

Because there are a maximum of 6 dogs per course, it means that the dogs only have to wait a few minutes before their next turn. It gives them and their handlers time to catch their breath.

Pauline’s agility courses are a great way for me to have more fun with my dog. Lacey has learned to think about what she’s doing as she runs round the course and to concentrate on listening to my commands. We definitely have loads of fun and Lacey gets lots of special biscuits as she goes round the course, which for a 6 year old labrador is a real incentive to run fast!!”

Pauline_FinnAgility is fun and stimulating for most dogs. it can however help under confident and nervous dogs improve their confidence considerably and always helps owners develop a better understanding of their dog through working with them. It enables clear communication and builds a bond between owner and dog. Pauline Martin’s comments hi-light this:”It has taken 11 weeks but finally Finn will go through the tunnel and now he wants to keep going through it! I am delighted It is great to see how much he has grown in confidence. He also went along the seesaw and around the course off his lead. Over the past weeks, progress has been slow sometimes we have marked time and even, on one wet and windy day, taken a step backwards when he didn’t want to do anything. However, as some one once said ‘It’s not the size of the step but the direction you’re moving in that counts.’ I am so grateful for the patience and encouragement of the course leader Pauline Whittaker of the Pauline Whittaker Dog Training School. I offer this as an encouragement to anyone, including me, who at times thinks their dog won’t improve. Have patience!”