Dog Trainers at PWDTS use Pauline’s Principles of Training which emphasise the use of Kind, Fair and Effective methods and each are independently assessed by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Pauline Whittaker

Dog Trainer

I am a highly qualified and experienced Canine Behaviourist with an MSc in Animal Behaviour. I am a member of the CAPBT (COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers) and the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers). I have more than 20 years experience working with dogs and am very well qualified in canine psychology and behaviour.





    Katie Garland

    Dog Trainer

    I am a fully assessed and APDT UK accredited trainer (01327).  I run Puppy classes and Beginners adult classes as part of Pauline Whittaker Dog training School. I teach outdoor Recall classes and run workshops on Scent work and clicker training. I run a regular weekly social walk on Fridays and can provide 121 training for your young dog or puppy or for recalls.

    Outside of work I spend time with my two dogs, Chalky and Dipsy. I train Dipsy in agility and am teaching Chalky to become more clicker savvy!

      Kay Lowry

      Agility Instructor

      I presently teach agility under the mentorship of Pauline Whittaker. My classes and 1-2-1s are held on a Tuesday afternoon. I have a collie x poodle called Sasha who will start competing in 2019 and I have previous competed in PWDTS Agility Shows with my Beauceron Brodie.

        Fiona Ive

        Dog Trainer

        Fiona is an IMDT qualified Dog Training Instructor and has been assisting with classes at PWDTS for several years alongside training her Weimaraner Cheddar. Fiona takes the Scentwork Workshops at courses at PWDTS, the Looseleaders and Recallers Skillbuilder Workshops with Katie and is involved with agility and Outdoor training classes. Fiona participates in agility, scentwork, man-trailing and other activities with Cheddar.


          Alicia Biggs

          Class Assistant

          I currently assist Pauline with both  puppy and adult dog training classes at Salwarpe Village Hall and find assisting in class very rewarding.

            Janet Rowbotham

            Office Manager

            I am currently Pauline's Office Manager, and I have two dogs Rosie and Monty, both spaniels, who participate in Hoopers and love Scentwork. Rosie and Monty have both completed their Canine Hoopers UK Good Hoopers bronze awards.