Dog Training Courses and Workshops:

Puppy Courses

Our Puppy courses are vital to assist with your puppy’s early socialisation allowing him/her to interact with other puppies in a safe and controlled environment. The course also includes learning the basic commands – sit, down, walking on the lead, puppy recall, stay/wait etc and advice can be given on problems such as house training, jumping up mouthing etc. Only kind reward based methods are used, Viewing always welcome and certificates are given on completion. Your puppy may attend puppy courses as soon as it is fully vaccinated. Our Puppy courses are 6 week courses and run on Monday mornings in Salwarpe (near Droitwich), and on Monday and Tuesday evenings in Wichenford – please email us for details of our next start dates.

Intermediate/adult beginner/puppy progression

The Intermediate Courses are for those progressing on from the puppy/foundation stage, for adult dogs that need a basic training refresher and for handlers with a new rescue dog or are new to dog ownership and need some pointers to learn practical exercises which will be essential for your dog’s safety and your peace of mind.

In this class you can expect to learn and gain basic commands and progression of these commands, including, walking on the lead, distraction recalls, wait/stay, ignore other dogs, leave (food, dogs, toys etc) sit/down/stand, control at a distance.
The class also progresses control of your dog without the lead around other dogs and distractions, understanding of canine body language and improves confidence in your ability as a handler.

Exercises for fun, jumps and excitement control, scent, weaving through cones and sendaway are also a part of this progression class and we also teach you a range of exercises which will stimulate your dog through stretching them mentally and as you learn to communicate and understand them through training, your relationship with them will be enhanced.
The Intermediate Course runs for 6 weeks and is held on Monday lunchtimes in Salwarpe, and Monday evenings in Wichenford.

The Advanced Courses
In the Advanced Course we teach recalls away from a variety of distractions and start teaching emergency stops. We also progress all the basic commands to eventually be able to do these off lead, in the presence of other dogs. There are a couple of exercises just for fun too!

Advanced classes will progress all the exercises to off lead and we will teach some new exercises too, including retrieve, sendaway and scent.

The Advanced Course runs for six weeks and is held at 1.30pm on Mondays in Salwarpe.


Older Puppies and Rescue Dogs often need to learn the basics if they have missed out on puppy training and are always welcome at the club. They may be too old for the puppy course but can enter the intermediate course. For older puppies and rescue dogs entering the club we may ask that you do an assessment first to meet you and the dog and to go through some basic training with you.

Social Walks are designed to be able to provide opportunities for you to socialise your dog with other friendly and sociable dogs in a supervised environment.
Although they are not taught sessions one of our Instructors supervises the group and is on hand to answer any questions.
The Social Walks are held on Thursdays with Pauline at 10.10am Worcester Woods Country Park/Countryside Centre (WR5 2LG) and are generally followed by coffee at the Cafe afterwards for those who want to and weather dependent. This provides additional socialising opportunities for the dogs.
The terrain is mostly flat, but can be quite muddy. We meet in the Countryside Centre car park. Please be prompt as we leave for the walk on time.

These walks are around 50 minutes in length so ideally suited to dogs over 9 months of age. Please ask for details of our puppy social walks.

Please note these walks are for dogs who are sociable with other dogs on and off lead. We run separate re-socialisation walks who initially need some rehabilitation work around other dogs, please ask for further information.

Outdoor Workshops 
These workshops are designed to help you learn and perfect your control in outdoor environments. Emphasis is put on building a strong and fun relationship with your dog outside so that they choose to stay with you rather than preferring to hunt or run off to play with other dogs or interact with people. We use a variety of methods, which may include clicker, whistle training and obviously response to your voice. We teach recall games and control, stop at a distance, scent games, sendaways, recall to heel and many others. They are designed to provide you with a reliable recall and great control of your dog’s behaviour outside. This level of control is dependant on you having an excellent relationship with your dog, and the exercises you will learn are designed to enhance this relationship and make you a source of interest and fun to your dog. We include exercises based on scentwork, whistle training, gundog work, fun tracking, and retrieves. The Countryside Centre offers a wonderful varied environment, and we use both the woods and the fields accommodating the natural distractions around us. Handouts accompany this course.

Beginner / Progression Workshops are currently held on Monday & Friday mornings and Advanced Workshops on Thursday mornings. You can book dates to suit you and both groups meet at Worcester Woods.

We also offer 6 week Outdoor Courses and 1-2-1 Outdoor training can also be arranged a various times during the week.


“Polly and I have now completed three Outdoor courses and I believe we have both gained enormously from the courses. I have learned so much about effective approaches to dog handling and the improvement in Polly has been very impressive. The importance of praise, consistency and high expectations have constantly been emphasised accompanied by the importance of having fun and enjoying your dog. I really wanted to be convinced by the efficacy of ‘treat training’ and as a result of the courses I am. A really big thank you to everyone involved.”

Keith and Polly


Classes on Tuesday and Wednesday daytimes, workshops and 1-2-1s and Fun Shows at other times and evening classes are available in the Summer.

Please see our Agility page for more information.



Monday mornings, occasional weekend workshops and 1-2-1s at various times.

Please see our Hoopers page – click here.

Scent Workshops are based on techniques used to train drugs detection dogs, using skills from tracking/gundog and obedience. They harness a natural instinct and allow your dogs to engage in an activity which is inherently rewarding to them and are fun for owner and dog. And are accessible for all breeds and ages of dogs
The techniques taught can be used at home for mental stimulation and energy outlet, assisting in the development of concentration and relationship building.
The workshops are run in small groups, in a fun and relaxed learning environment.