Canine First Aid Workshop

First aid workshopCanine First Aid

On our Canine First Aid Course you will learn to assess your dog’s condition in an emergency, deal with minor situations yourself, manage your dog’s condition until veterinary help is reached and learn more about canine health and minor injuries,

The course is run by Mari Griffith, Head Veterinary Nurse at a busy Worcester practice & Agility Instructor with PWDTS

The course content will include amongst other things: bandaging, splinting, dealing with poisoning, burns, bites, stings, tick removal, taking pulse points and breathing reps. Some of the course is practical and you will be given advice on what first aid equipment to carry. There will be time for questions and answers.

Scent Workshop

Scent workshop

Scent Workshops are based on techniques used to train drugs detection dogs, using skills from tracking/gundog and obedience. They harness a natural instinct and allow your dogs to engage in an activity which is inherently rewarding to them and are fun for owner and dog. And are accessible for all breeds and ages of dogs

The techniques taught can be used at home for mental stimulation and energy outlet, assisting in the development of concentration and relationship building.

The workshops are run in small groups, in a fun and relaxed learning environment.

Summer Camp

Camp 2014Sports day at camp

Summer Camp is an annual event that takes place at Bracelands Campsite in the Forest of Dean.

It presents a great opportunity for you and your dog to socialise and take part in a variety of classes, walks and workshops and the end of camp Sports Day.

Recall Workshops

Outdoor workshopRecall workshops are regularly run for puppies, adult and advanced groups to teach or perfect your outdoor training so you can have relaxed walks with your dogs. The exact workshop content will vary depending on the ability of the group but we work on distraction recalls, learning how to teach your dog self-control when in hunt or chase mode, stops at a distance and a range of other exercises in varying outdoor environments. Off lead work where appropriate for the dogs in the group.