Hoopers classes with Pauline Whittaker

Mondays 8.30am – Progression group

Mondays 9.30am  – Progression group

Thursdays 1.00pm – Beginners group

Thursdays 2pm – Progression group

Hoopers is the new sport for dogs which is becoming really popular in the UK. Similar to agility in that the dogs must complete a course of obstacles but different as it is low impact with no jumps or tight turns meaning it is suitable for all dogs, even those with injuries who can’t do agility but are allowed to run. It is also really fun for dogs who just like to run fast. Handling can be static so it is good for handlers with limited mobility or fluid if you want to run the courses with your dogs.

At PWDTS we teach 6 week Hoopers courses which start at beginners and then you can book into one of our ongoing progression courses – be warned it is addictive! 

We also hold mini fun competitions, regular workshops and we have attended local fetes to carry out displays and you can work towards the Canine Hoopers UK Good Hoopers Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Please take a look at the videos below to see some of our dogs taking part and contact us for more information.

Pauline is a certified Hoopers instructor with Canine Hoopers UK and participates and competes with her older collie Ranger and young terrier Sybil.

Classes are occasionally taken by Liz Price who has also completed her Bronze award with her Collie Lottie.

Video: Liz and Lottie at Peopleton Show

Video4: Carma and Oscar Peopleton Show