Outdoor Training Sessions

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Outdoor training sessions are held regularly in a variety of locations. These are taught in 4 week workshop style, each workshop being an hour long or a 6 week course each class being 45 minutes. I also run regular recall workshops which can be booked individually and these are designed to continue and/or top up your training. There are also occasional beginner puppy recall workshops too.

Within all of these classes and workshops we will teach you how to achieve reliable recalls with your dog and emergency stops at a distance in a safe, outdoor location. It will also cover a variety of other exercises designed to increase your dog?s level of obedience and control.


Polly“Polly and I have now completed three Outdoor courses and I believe we have both gained enormously from the courses. I have learned so much about effective approaches to dog handling and the improvement in Polly has been very impressive. The importance of praise, consistency and high expectations have constantly been emphasised accompanied by the importance of having fun and enjoying your dog. I really wanted to be convinced by the efficacy of ‘treat training’ and as a result of the courses I am. A really big thank you to everyone involved.”

Keith and Polly

Social Walks

Social walkSocial walk (2)

Social Walks are designed to be able to provide opportunities for you to socialise your dog with other friendly and sociable dogs in a supervised environment.

They are not taught sessions. However a Trainer supervises the group and is on hand to answer any questions.

The Social Walks are held on Thursdays and Fridays at Worcester Woods Country Park/Countryside Centre (WR5 2LG) and are generally followed by coffee at the Cafe afterwards for those who want to and weather dependent. This provides additional socialising opportunities for the dogs.

The terrain is mostly flat, but can be quite muddy. We meet in the Countryside Centre car park. Please be prompt as we leave for the walk on time.

Fitness Walks

Our Fitness Walks are for those who like walking and would like to improve their own and their dogs fitness, would like to walk with a like-minded group of people and their dogs, are new to the area and would like to explore the Malvern Hills or spend less time in the gym and more time with their dog. Whatever the reason, come and join Pauline Whittaker, a local dog trainer and behaviourist for regular Fitness Walks.

The walks take place on Fridays from 12.30pm, are approximately 1.5 hours of medium to fast paced walking and incorporate some of the beautiful hills.

We meet on the Malvern Hills at 12.30pm in the carpark opposite the Malvern Hills Hotel. WR13 6DW