Please find attached photo of Rolo… it’s not the best but how he looks now!
Both Catherine and I were so pleased with the training. You spoke nothing but sense and explained everything perfectly. The way it was delivered left little (no) opportunity for misunderstanding – really appreciated you explaining the reasons for each behaviour and not just rushing to techniques.
It was truly amazing how Rolo responded so quickly. We have been trying to address his behavior for some time now, so to see him answer every command from you after 15 minutes was stunning… I don’t know if I should feel happy or feel stupid after failing for so long.
We are so pleased that we contacted you – only wish we did it sooner. We look forward to joining for courses in the future.
Kind Regards
Catherine and Mark



Harriet and I have now attended puppy, pet, advanced and outdoor courses with the PWDTS, in fact I think Pauline is wondering whether we’ll ever go away! Probably not because, as a first time dog owner, it has been enormously helpful to have so much support and advice. The opportunity to socialise Harriet early on together with the structured approach to learning that Pauline offers has been invaluable Her management of each course together with the dedication of her helpers who were always there with an encouraging word was really supportive The handouts provided were great reminders as to what we should be practising although Harriet refused to read them and even chewed up one set which I thought was somewhat disrespectful! The greatest help for me was Pauline’s guidance as to the aspects of Harriet’s behaviour that were breed specific, what to expect and how to manage them. The outside courses have begun to give me more confidence with her off the lead. We are now attending the ‘Heel Work to Music’ course which is great fun and we’re going to join the Agility course when Harriet is a year old in the hope of keeping Harriet occupied and me up to scratch with her training.

Dinah & Harriet

Beardie Cross Collie (All Courses)

BingoBingo and I really enjoyed the training classes due to the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that the trainer was approachable and non-judgemental. The classes gave me increased confidence as a first time dog owner to handle Bingo. This meant it was a really enjoyable experience for both of us. Also Bingo and I loved the outdoor sessions.

Debbie & Bingo

Weimaraner (Puppy, Pet and Outdoor Courses)

mollyGetting a scent hound to come back to you was always going to be a challenge, but I really wanted to try agility training with Molly and Pauline suggested that we did the outdoor recall training first.

As well as improving Molly’s recall significantly, it showed me that I can get Molly to focus on whatever task we were doing. We practised this a lot at home, too.

It’s far more than just a recall course. By the end of the course, Molly was doing the exercises off-lead and so focussed on what we were doing, that she didn’t even attempt to run off. I intend booking an advanced course later on, but for now we are doing agility. We both love it and Molly is doing it off-lead, something I never thought would be possible. I don’t know of any other Hamiltonstovares that do agility, so she may be the first! For Molly, doing the recall training first was definitely the right way to go (thanks, Pauline!) and the course was a lot of fun.

Julia & Molly

Hamilton Stovare (Outdoor Courses)

DaisyThanks for all the good guidance and helpful tips. Doing the basics, keeping it simple and all with kindness, pays dividends

Jean & Jeff and Daisy

Golden Retriever (Puppy Courses)

TessaHaving owned dogs for over 40 years and attended many other dog training courses what makes these courses stand out is the limited numbers, training by reward, good assistants on hand to help, a structured course with individual attention and advice from Pauline and the team available when needed and a programme of tasks which keep the dogs attentive and calm whilst they and we the owners learn. I know that Tessa enjoys every session and being a slightly nervous young lady it has helped her to gain confidence and keep her brain working, thanks to Pauline and the team for helping us each week. Agility is next on the list!!

Linda & Tessa
(Puppy, Pet and Advanced)

Cocoa_BistoPauline’s courses are always very clear. She covers a lot of ground but in manageable stages. It is clear that she has an enormous amount of experience and has helped me tremendously with all sorts of behavioural issues with my dogs. Having two puppies at once has been a challenge for us but Pauline’s advice has been invaluable. Her one to one sessions at our home have helped address specific problems which could not be resolved in class.

Pauline’s trainer is very calm and clear. She makes the training courses great fun. She clearly has a lot of experience with dogs and has given me very practical advice on how to address behavioural problems with our dogs.

Felicity & Bisto and Cocoa

Chocolate Labradors (Puppy, Pet and Advanced)

DobbyHi my name is Dobby I am two years old and although I say it myself I am a pretty well mannered guy.

I first met Pauline at my house when I was a round 10 weeks old. She was able to tell my folks what toys to buy for me to stop me becoming bored and getting into mischief. She also helped them to teach me how to start behaving well. When I was old enough I joined the puppy courses and never looked back. My folks said it was the best thing they ever did for me joining Pauline’s Dog Training School and would recommend it to anyone.

I have to tell you Pauline that he really is the most well behaved dog I have ever owned and it is down to your expertise and knowledge. We all enjoyed the courses.
Thank you so very much

Pauline & Dobby

Black Labrador (Puppy, Pet and Advanced)

GunnerWhat I like about the courses is the dogs don’t have an opportunity to get bored or to become too boisterous. And the handlers are also having their minds ‘fed’ with important training information!

Sarah and Gunner

Pointer (Puppy Courses)

OtisI think that the reason Pauline’s courses work is that they are great fun for your dog and also the methods used are explained to you fully so that you learn a lot about the way your dog thinks. The courses are also informal and the activities aren’t always the same every week.

Ally and Otis

Weimaraner (Puppy, Pet ,Advanced and Fun Obedience Courses)

alfieThank you for helping me understand my dog! Before our 1-2-1 sessions and training courses, I really was despairing. We had tried training courses before, but without success. Yourself and the other teachers have not only helped me improve Alfie’s behaviour, but enabled me to relax safe in the knowledge that I’m now teaching him the right things! Alfie was jumping up, barking at everyone who walked outside the house, and chasing the cat – to name a few problems! Thanks to your tips, props and general advice on feeding, toys and training tools, Alfie is now much more relaxed at home – and actually understands the word ‘off’ – a miracle! It’s great to be able to enjoy our walks without him pulling on the lead, or running off and never coming back. Likewise, it’s great to sit with him quietly at my feet, with us both being able to relax, rather than the erratic behaviour he was displaying before. The change and improvement in Alfie’s behaviour in a few short weeks is amazing- it’s made our relationship and our house, much happier. A lot of friends have commented on the ‘new improved’ Alfie, so I’m telling everyone how fabulous you all are.

Thank you to you and all at Pauline Whittaker Dog Training School.

Lucy Vlam & Alfie

Standard Schnauzer (1-2-1 Lessons & Pet Courses)

BenjiPlease put in your testimonial’s that we had such support and great tips from the courses that those alone were worth attending for.

Look forward to coming to some more in the future.

Victoria & Benji

(1-2-1 Lessons & All Courses)

dukeWe found details of Pauline through the internet and have been delighted with the progress so far with the puppy training. It is such a welcoming place and Pauline and team make it a fun experience. Duke has learnt some great basic techniques that will make both his and our life more enjoyable.

Thanks for your help!

Neil Spicer & Duke

Chocolate Labrador (Puppy Courses)

evieWe have thoroughly enjoyed doing all of Pauline’s training courses. She is knowledgeable, helpful, clear and patient in all her communications, both with adults and dogs.

The ideas are easy to follow, even for humans, and the fact that we have a happy well trained dog is testimony to her work.

We would recommend her to anyone.

Gillian & Evie

West Highland Terrier (All Courses)

JJakeake is an insecure five-year-old Border Collie. He has been rescued twice and had a suspected difficult start in life.

Jake and I found each other last year, and although he was loving and friendly to me he was less so with others. He nipped my lodgers’ heels, reacted badly to other dogs when he was on the lead, went for the post and tried to attack bigger and smaller dogs.

With Pauline’s help Jake has improved in leaps and bounds. Although still ‘in training’ he’s all but stopped the bad behaviour, and is like a different dog. Pauline’s helped me understand his problems, and taught me how to deal with them. I feel more confident handling him and know I can call for more help if and when I need it. But the best thing is Jake and I have both had loads fun learning. Pauline’s as great at handling people as she is dogs!

Becky & Jake

Border Collie (1-2-1 Lessons & Pet Courses)


khaliWhen we were young, we weren’t too smart
Mum took us to Pauline, to get a good start,
We go every Monday, to join our mates,
It’s friendly and fun, at very good rates,
We’ve learnt how to sit, stay, down and wait,
We now know our turn, to go through a gate,
We have learnt how to leave, when we are told,
And how to be calm, when we’re getting too bold,
We are always eager to take our turn,
There’s so much more for us to learn,
Our lessons with Pauline are always fun,
And every week we get loads done,
We’re gently coaxed and no-one forces,
And we hope to progress to higher courses,
Pauline didn’t know we can aspire to a poem,
But it’s just a small trick, Mum taught us at home,
For Pauline’s training has been the best
So join her club, forget the rest!

Janet & Lauren with Khalifa & Bailey

Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Puppy, Pet and Advanced)

rileyWe had been told that Riley was probably the maddest Lab our Trainer had ever met! All the more astonishing, then, that following a course she is now so easily controlled and still retains her ‘unique’ personality. Fabulous training and such nice people, too.

Many thanks.

Jan Griffiths & Riley

Chocolate Labrador (Puppy Course & 1-2-1 Lessons)

IM000347.JPGHaving seen your advertisement we decided to give your courses a go! We learnt that Rocco was a challenging male dog, as suspected! However, I am glad to say that with your patience, advice and tips he is now settling down and growing into a well behaved adult! Rocco enjoyed the courses immensely and spent Monday evenings at the front door waiting to go!

Thank you also to your helpers.

Rachel, Richard & Rocco

Scottish Terrier (Puppy, Pet and Advanced)

RockoWhen I bought a giant breed of dog, I was really keen to be in charge for obvious reasons. Pauline helped me to gain control of my Neapolitan Mastiff puppy from an early age, teaching me to be a better trainer and Rocko to be a well behaved dog. She even taught my Polish Housekeeper to keep him in check too! He’s not the fastest learning breed, but he is very responsive to praise and food! Pauline taught me this and it managed my expectations of Rocko, so we stuck at it. Less than a year on, he’s now a gentle, affectionate dog, who loves praise and rewards and he has a lovely temperament with people and other dogs.

MargauxIn fact , I was so delighted with our progress, that when the time was right, I didn’t hesitate to get a second large breed dog and Margaux is now doing the same courses Rocko did and is turning out to be a well behaved little girl. If you want the best from your relationship with your dog, you’ve got to talk to Pauline!

Alison, Rocko (Neapolitan Mastiff) and Margaux (Dogue De Bordeaux)

(All courses and 1-2-1 lessons)

roxyI would just like to say a big ‘thank you’ for everything you have done and are currently still doing for Roxy. We treat our dogs as very much part of the family and to have found someone like you to train our puppy has been a godsend. We did not make our choice of trainer lightly, but after the one to one session you had with Roxy we were both happy we had made the right decision. I know Roxy enjoys the courses because she knows where her car journey takes her on a Monday evening and sings to me the whole way there!

Once again, many thanks and we look forward to attending the next course in a few weeks time.

Darren Britnell & Roxy

Pointer (1-2-1 Lessons & Puppy Courses)

sammyWe had had our rescue dog, Sammy, for about two years when we were recommended to contact Pauline. We had taken great care to train Sammy with courses each week and we had got him to a stage where he was generally very well behaved and obedient. However, there was one problem we were having difficulty overcoming; Sammy would bark and lunge at dogs when on the lead.

We had previously spoken to a number of people regarding this unacceptable behavior and, although their advice helped, it did not really get to the root of the problem. I was initially sceptical whether speaking to yet another expert would help us but my scepticism was soon swept aside as Pauline proved to have an ability to identify the problem and was able to give us a number of positive steps to reduce Sammy’s behavior.

After a series of training sessions Sammy’s adverse reaction to other dogs when on the lead is now very much reduced and, just as importantly, if there does appear to be a problem, we now know exactly how to handle the situation so that it does not become a crisis.

We believe that Pauline’s advice and training has made Sammy a more laid back and happier dog and has improved our quality of life with him. I would thoroughly recommend talking to Pauline if you have a behavioral problem with your dog although I would just add one proviso; it is important that you are receptive to her advice and are prepared to follow any recommend course of action.

David Goodman & Sammy

Cross-Breed (1-2-1 Lessons)

ScoobyI just wanted to thank you for your time with Scooby. Both Chris and I have followed your advice by the word and have started the path to help Scooby’s separation anxiety. Already after a couple days we have noticed an improvement in his behaviour and he just absolutely LOVES T-Touch!!

There was a point about 8 months ago where I thought that we would never walk him on a lead without him pulling, he would never come back and he would never listen to our commands but with your help and advice we have succeeded! We now have a gorgeous, happy Ridgeback who loves learning new things and is more content out and about. Thank you!

Charlotte & Scooby

(1-2-1 Lessons)

scruffyI wanted to write to thank you and your team for all the help you have given me with training Scruffy.

As you know we got her as a rescue and had an enormous amount of trouble with her and other dogs. We came to your course initially just concentrated on socialising until we graduated to the main classes.

You and your team have been wonderful and a great help and though ‘our little delinquent’ still has lots to learn we feel that we have made enormous progress with her, and can continue to do so, and it`s all thanks to you three. The outstanding thing to me about your course, compared with the two others I have been to, was the quiet and order of it. The course is disciplined but enormous fun for the dogs and Scruffy couldn`t wait to get out of the car and join in. I know she found the first few lessons in the large room quite exhausting, but as she gained in confidence she was not so tired afterwards.

It is perhaps an unusual comment to make about a dog course, but for anyone who has a nervous dog it is wonderful and a real plus over noisier courses which are so intimidating for them and for us with Scruffy it has been a godsend.

Jane & Scruffy

Cross-Breed (Pet and Advanced Courses)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was great to meet you today and I must say I was amazed at what you managed to get Ringo and Tara to achieve in such a short time. You really are a great trainer and just with the short amount of time we spent together today and then putting your tips into action this afternoon, it really has given me far more confidence in my ability to handle them. I can’t thank you enough.

I’m really looking forward to our next session.

Jennine Loader with Tara & Ringo

German Shepherds (1-2-1 Lessons)

tobyI thought I should send you a testimonial as I thought the course was great.

The course was spot-on – it really made me understand how to train my dog and how dogs can be trained by positive strokes. Toby also enjoyed meeting other dogs and wants to rejoin in the summer – I will recommend you to all dog owners- Thanks for education on dog training!

Peter Hart & Toby

Jack Russell (Puppy Course)

todd023I would recommend you to anyone. Both Trevor and I are so impressed by the way Todd has been integrated into your course. We can see the benefits of it already – I’m certain we’ll be with you for some time to come.

Rose & Todd

Jack Russell (1-2-1 Lessons & Pet Course)

bobHelen and I have been working hard with the dogs using your methods. Maisie (the terrified black one) is not as anxious as she was, and walks “close” really well now. The biggest improvement has been with Bob (the white rescue dog). He walks beautifully and will pass other dogs, or be taken up to them for introductions, without any fuss. You were quite right about him. He never has shown aggression towards them. As a result of your advice about handling him – touching his paws, ears etc – he is now much calmer at the vets. Best of all, he is almost totally reliable on recall. He comes back like a rocket – unless he sees a cat! We are working on that one still. He understands “leave” but seems to think that it applies to everything except cats.

maisieAnyway we just wanted to thank you so much for all the help you gave us. We will recommend you to any of our friends and will be in touch and return for a refresher course if we encounter difficulties in the future.

Bob & Maisie

(1-2-1 and Classes)